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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why You No Trend North America?!

I am in LOVE with the British! I love their accents, chocolate (I think that should be all they eat everyday I mean...yum.), but what I love most about them is their style! I swear the only people that are allowed to reside there are the fashion saavy, you could say Kate Middleton pretty much decides who's allowed to stay and who goes. Even the homeless are FABULOUSLY dressed in their grunge-like outfits! The people of Britain are utterly unique to me. Their fashion sense is basically as unique as a flying unicorn.

Quirk. Its the one thing that British outfits have more of than our outfits in North America. And honestly I would be this first person to trade wardrobes with the British! (if ONLY!!!) But there's one thing that is trending in the U.K. that is NOT trending here!!!! Those are overalls!!! I would pretty much die for those to trend since it its SOOOO unexpectedly difficult to find a cute pair of overalls in Canada! And overalls are one of those case sensitive things I do NOT want to buy online since it actually makes me feel fat (hence, measuring my thighs).

Being fearless, individual, eclectic, and unexpected are usually things that I've noticed people in North America seem to fear that the British don't. Honestly I have, and clearly I know others have as well since I've seen one too many safe fashion choices that I do not want to see again.

What is your favorite type of cultural clothing?


  1. I do agree that here in Britain there is such an eclectic mix of fashion tastes, anything goes. I do love the sleek Italian style too though.

  2. Love British style!!!! Don't worry, give it a few months and I'm sure overalls will be here very soon!

  3. Thank you! Someone else who shares my need to obtain a pair of cute overalls! I am wondering whether to make an investment and get a really nice pair like by motelrocks or get a cheaper pair on ebay or wholesale site. Or maybe both! I do love the grunge look and Brit style. They got me into doc martens! I just got another pair today!


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