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Monday, April 1, 2013

Style: Whats My Sense?

You guys are probably sitting there scrolling down my blog and clicking on everything your mouse can find, wondering "what kinda style is this girl into?" Well ponder no longer! I'm not going to leave you in ambiguity anymore!

Edgy, chic, trendy, and casual are the broad words that describe my style most of the time! I like bold once in a while so that I keep the people around me waiting, thirsting for what bold ideas may pop out of my head next (oh yes, I know I'm quite mysterious!) You see fashion and the people that work in it inspire me to reach my greatest potential in the real world because fashion is a beastly animal; gorgeous and hard to tame! So my fashion sense comes from every corner of the world that has ever been seen by man (what I mean by that is Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! The world in a computer!)

I live in Canada so its timidly cold almost 10 months in a year (not freezing temperatures, just cold) during those 10 months I wear all sorts of clothing but mainly clothes that are themed around boho and chic! Though when Spring and Summer role around I'm not one to shy away from crop tops, short shorts, swimwear, and finally FLATS (I love flats they're cute and functional!)
 <---- I look chic, trendy, and really confused here (Probably because it was suprisingly warm that day!)

I hope you guys have a good sense of your owm style because its always good to know where your fashion limitations are because if you have it must you flaunt it? -Lulu•°•°

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