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Monday, April 22, 2013

Riding on a Wave of Dreams

Ah, the dream catcher; beautiful and mystical in its own ways it even catches all of our nightmares. If you read my post Nailpolish Frenzy 2013 you'll know that I'm a die-hard fan of gorgeous nails! And a while back I discovered a fantastic company that sold DIY nail art kits; and even though I usually shy away from DIY (since I'm not really the crafty kind...)  I actually decided to give this one a chance! But before that happened I took the time to stare at the name of the company for a while.... "Nasty Nails"  Turns out it wasn't so nasty! Just extremely fabulous! Go figure! FYI they are now Cult Cosmetics too-- even more to love.

The kit they sent me was Dream Catcher (hence the title) and when I got the package it came in a magenta pink package (pic below). The package in my opinion was quite gorgeous since it in itself had flare!

When I opened the package everything was perfect!
 Wanna take a look inside?

And guys I really did try my best on my nails! I hope my nails compare well to the ones they have on the website!

Personally I loved this kit because it did a good job in representing a boho chic look! I have even sat through class where I couldn't stop getting compliments on these nails! Haha I really hope having nail catchers on my nails will save me from havingnightmares tonight!

Until next time,
Paweit Dyal


  1. I'm in love with this kit!! I really want to buy it! Great blog!

  2. I bought the ladylike lace and the berry smoothie kits last month!! I love how cheap it is! :)


  3. Your nails looks fabulous1 Great job.

  4. Awwww, thanks girls! We are so happy you like our product. You did a wonderful job, Paweit and you made us proud! Thanks for the wonderful review and we really appreciate it and hope you check out our new kits coming up over the next few weeks. We have some great ones!

  5. Great nail art! I love the feathered nail. I think I'll try that sometime =).


  6. Oh I love dream catchers! i use to make them a lot when I was little and plan on getting a tattoo of one really soon =] Your nails came out super cute!!

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  7. My dad makes them and I love dream catchers! I love your blog! Following you!
    Follow me back @ www.nightchayde.blogspot.com

  8. OH fun! NIce job on the nails!

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