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Friday, April 5, 2013

Pastel Passion

Pastels are coming back this spring season and I am loving it! Pastels are definitely my most favorite trend ever! They're bright, beautiful, and exuberant; just like spring! What are good examples of pastels? Well they are listed below! I chose these pictures in particular because they have such definition both in the pictures and in the clothing!
This ad for Dior had gorgeous pastel balloons and there is quite a chic vibe radiating from this ad (I'm not sure if its coming off her outfit or the Eiffel Tower!)
These pastel yellow skinny jeans are the perfect fit for daily life in spring! You'll have a matchy matchy outfit to your daily life! You'll be breaking out the lemonade while the sun's bursting with brightness, and wearing these jeans would be perfect! (Tbh I'm drooling thinking about it!)

Not in the mood to look like your going to an amazing easter parade? Well mint is also vevery much in style! Pair it with your pastels!
The striped mint shirt adds the perfect balance to any pastel clothing! Thats why I love it oh so much!

I hope you pastel and mint clothing as much as I do!


  1. What nice colours! I really need to get some more pastels :)

  2. The miss dior cherie is one of my all time favorite ad campaigns. I Am a sucker for themes and have used this theme many times when planning parties!