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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Keep Calm and Wear Keds

Today I looked down and I realized that today was the day I got these shoes a year ago! (Really Paweit... keeping the dates you bought your shoes? Oh yes!) Day in and day out I've worn nothing but these shoes and they have not broken yet! What type of shoes are these? Well I guess you guys might have heard of this name before; these shoes are Keds! I bought these shoes for $60 (a pretty good deal) and I've never looked back since. These shoes are comfy and versitile (for example I haven't tied these shoes since the day I've got them! I always just slip them on and I'm off!) I never used to care about Keds though, I hated them in fact but over time they've just grown on me!

Believe me I'm never easy on my shoes as they suffer A LOT of abuse from my daily life. I was out doing errands today and there they were, my Keds looking as perfect as ever!

What are your favorite shoes?


  1. Kegs? I do remember them actually (from elementary). Showing my age, there. Lol.

  2. Keds last forever! I used to wear them way back when too...

  3. finally found the comments box, my bad

    Ahh,, no matter how much stuff we have in the wardrobe, there's always this one pair of shoes, jeans or bag or something that we end up wearing much much more than any item (like we live in them). Mine is my wedges


  4. So sweet, I love this! The sneaks look lovely!


  5. I love this picture!!!!


  6. Cute!