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Sunday, April 7, 2013

I Mustache You a Question.

Oh the mustache trend. Why are mustaches so irresistible? Let's face it we have all been in love with mustaches since the day men stared growing them (I know it's been a while) Now-a-days we may not enjoy mustaches on the faces of men as much as we did, but we still love the idea of them; hence the mustache trend was born! Wanna see my favorite mustaches? Just look below!
Watch: Chicwish
 So hipster! Forever 21

Speaking for myself I'm head over-heels in love with mustaches (just not when men grow them; I guess women have evolutionised!) I love mustache clothing, accessories, and anything else that is mustache themed! I'm hoping you love mustaches as much as I do!


  1. Very clever title :)

  2. OK, I'm #soOLD, but I don't get it. Maybe you can explain why this mustache imagery is so popular? Is it because of steampunk? Why exactly do you think mustaches are so cute?

    ps: Captcha is horrible.

    1. Haha I get its Captcha its terrible! And I think the mustache trend is trending because we naturally think its quirky and cute; pop culture loves that!