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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Flower Power

You may think florals are a thing of the past but I'd completely disagree because THEY'RE FINALLY TRENDING....AGAIN!!! And as you can tell I love florals, but just in the right amounts I don't like it when people overdo florals in their outfits because then it looks like your a walking garden (and we don't want that!) Floral clothing is absolutely beautiful! But it still mystifies me; from all the designs we put on our clothing how did florals win out? Do we all just love them a lot? Floral clothing must just have magical qualities! That might explain why I can't manage to take my eyes off them!
 This floral top from Chicwish Is the perfect fit for gorgeous days out or in! There are so many ways to pair this shirt! You can wear them with some jeans and pumps, or some waist shorts and flats, the possibilities are endless!
 These Dolce & Gobanna Cropped peony-print mid-rise skinny jeans may just be a little bit of a splurge bit in my opinion they are worth it! The raw edgy style that these jeans have, have quite the vigour!
 There are even these Spledid Nickerie Oxfords from Modcloth I love them in fact I think I could create quite a fashion faux pas with wearing these gorgeous floral shoes everyday!

Florals are my ultimate go to on a gloomy day and they are an even more of a go to for me on spring days! I love them, they are the perfect fashion statement; they can be edgy, chic, and bold depending on what you want to express that day!


  1. I absolutely adore florals myself <3 Can't wait for the weather to get a little warmer so I can take 'em out!

  2. Oh me too! Florals are always better when its sunny!

  3. Florals <3
    Especially the brogues :)