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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Are Peter-Pan Collars over used?

We see them everywhere; on the subway, at school, at work, and even on runways across the globe. And the real question is starting to become "are we taking this fad to far?" I think we are and its not just the Peter-Pan Collar that's being over used! Its all collars now-a-days. Yes, I'm talking about studded collars, necklace collars, and even the classic "my dad wore this to work" collar. I've had just enough of this hipster chic trend! I get it, these collars are gorgeous they can be intricate even gorgeous,  but I think we need to come up with new ideas on what to do with collars. I mean come on! I want those influential designers to THINK! I want to see more outcome from these collars; and yes I'm asking for more! I love love LOVE collars to death, but where else will this trend go? Or is there nowhere else to go from here? I'm hoping there's more to come from a trend that flew threw our planet like a bushfire twice (by the way in case you didn't know its also a retro trend and a mod). This doesn't mean that you should stop wearing collars just because they are  being over used; I'm not going to stop wearing collars just because they are over used since my sense of fashion is unique and different just like yours and I quite frankly will wear whatever I think I should. So below are some of the prettiest collars I've found to date.

I'm seriously diggin this peplum top by Chicwish its chic and it would look amazing with a belt; it's quite unique I just wish it was in a different color!

I hope you guys love collars as much as I do!

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