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Friday, April 5, 2013

A Wardrobe for a Blog?

Finally! What all us fashion bloggers were looking for! A store where everything is free! I call it Bloggers Wardrobe (but you can call it The  Wardrobe of Bloggerdom if you'd like!) This store is like no other! A store where everything is FREE!!! Your probably sitting there in disbelief and confusion right about now, but no need to worry I'm not going to leave you in ambiguity!

Of course Bloggers Wardrobe is free, but there is a tiny catch.... everything is free, but only to their exclusive bloggers! I I know, its a bit sad! But besides the fact we can still stare at the drool-worthy wardrobes! They have many designers on Bloggers Wardrobe but my  favorite designer was Gaia because their clothing pieces have the ambience of care-free ectacy with the hint of that trendy boho chic feel. My favorite blouse from Gaia is below!
This blouse has that trendy floral factor in it that just screams poise and structure to your outfits! Oh yes, there are also two handy-dandy pockets that would be quite useful (one for your phone and the other for some candy (or vegetables, whatever you're interested in!)) The back drags down almost like the robe of a queen so you could say it's elegant.


Clothes can be gorgeous sometimes! But Bloggers Wardrobe not only does clothng but also hair care! One of their brands by the name of Bjorn Axen. Odd name? Well you might think so it's Swedish! They have been around for a good 50 years now and they seem to be amazing!
So I haven't peaked your interest yet? Well Bloggers Wardrobe also has sunglasses! Thats right you heard correctly! These sunglasses from E&E are fabulously chic! I absolutely adore them!

I hope you guys check out and enjoy looking at Bloggers Wardrobe as much as I did (its not like I crying out of looking at these amazing items the first time I saw this website....whoever tells you I did was lying!)


  1. I looked at it and I'm in love with Bloggers Wardrobe too!!!! So hypnotyzing I love their fashion they put into each wardrobe as well! Those glasses were my fave dear!

  2. That sound so interesting!! I wonder if I should apply myself! Thank you for Sharing :)