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Friday, March 29, 2013

Yay its Friday!

Yes, its finally Friday and while you contemplate on what to wear for that party tonight I'm just going to give some amazing ideas on what to wear next Friday; lego!
This dress from Sugarlips is the perfect mix of hipster and nautical. Admit it, for being a hipster dress it can surprisingly fit the chic standard.

If your not looking for a dress and maybe something a little more blingy I'd recommend this sequined top also from Sugarlips! I totally agree with the "Shine all day and night" description! This sequined top has that "Wow!" factor that I love with any outfit especially for Friday nights!

Am I still not floating your boat, well there's a short and sweet dress I adore! Its from Sugarlips too, and right about now I'm loving it! Its perfect for that sweet and innocent look you might want to pull off for a Friday!

What about shoes? You definitely not going out with bare feet! So I'll tell you some of my fave picks for a Friday night!
First of all I HATE it when my feet start to hurt because then I can't fully enjoy my night! And we don't want that! So these flats from Aldo are one of my favorites! The color is flavorful and the glitter style gives off that "come dance with me!" vibe which I love!

But if you and your stiletto's are inseparable then you will fall in love with these bold red heels from Browns
Happy Friday night! I hope you have A LOT of fun!

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