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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Walking on style? Oh yes

Lace-Up Boots with Spikes and Rhinestones, H&M Collar Shirt, AllSaints Bandeau Leggings 

Gettin' REAL frisky today in my Spikey Rhinestoned Boots!  I didn't want to overwhelm these gorgeous boots with too many accessories, so a simple shirt and leggings tied my look together without looking too crowded. Even though you know I'm the kinda gal to layer on the accessories until my back caves in and I'm flat on the floor. Boo, gravity. Needless to say, I finally pushed my pile of work aside to show off this outfit! 

I love these shoes to bits! They create an edge to any outfit but they still maintain that chic feel! 

When I first saw these boots I thought my feet would hurt like crazy wearing these! But it turns out these boots are extremely comfortable! I love the beige color of these boots, it really brings out a chicness to it all.  

Even though I've been wearing these boots for a while now, none of spikes or rhinestones have fallen off yet! And these shoes have a strong outer material (code for AWESOME faux leather!)(SWEET!)

I love love LOVE these shoes because you can quite literally pair them with any outfit for a "punk rock chic" look! And you can pretty much wear them anywhere! For example school (for a stunning fashion statement), the hot new club that just opened down the street, and even your local library (to pull off that chic look that these boots seem to radiate!!!)

Anyways I'd like to thank Yeswalker for sponsoring these shoes 'cuz these shoes can only be described by one word: FANTABULOUS 

If you want these shoes, and I bet you do, you can get them on yeswalker.com!!!

Lots of Love
This picture was supposed to be at the end to celebrate this collaboration between me and Yeswalker but.....

 I went all superhero on the photographer =.= (for the record I was trying to save the world from fashion crimes!)

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