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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This Year and This Spring: Colors to Wear!

Oh hot damn! The color of this year is said to be Emerald Green according to Pantone, and even though this is old news, I have got to say Emerald Green.... really? And I bet your thinking it too! Why Emerald Green?

Well Pantone is not just saying the color of the year is Emerald Green its Emerald Green Pantone 17-5641!!! And I must add its the most gorgeous green I've EVER seen. I mean look at it! Its beautiful!

Anyways besides the color of this year Pantone has also come out with colors that are in this spring, and I am loving what I'm seeing!

These colors are bold, edgy, and chic theres a color for your every occasion! My favorite is the poppy red since its extremely bold and full of passion. What comes in close second is the Lemon Zest because its such a powerful color, its a statement of intensity and of course zest. So add a little zest and passion to your spring 2013!

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