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Friday, March 29, 2013

Prom Must-Haves under $100

Every girl dreams about prom at least once in their life and when the big day finally arrives you want to be ready with that perfect look in mind. You can still look gorgeous on a tight budget! I'll tell you about some of the steals I saw this year.
This dress by A-Line can be found on Tidebuy its perfect for your big prom night! This dress is a classic! Its a mix of chic, suave, and bold tied together by a spicy red waistband!

If your not looking for a strapless dress this dress from Lulus should be the perfect fix at only $36.50!!! This dress has the original VA-VA-VOOM essence with low hanging back and with the leg slit up to there. This is clearly a bold choice in a prom dress but I think it shows off A LOT of zest. The boys will probably be lining up to ask you to the prom!

The next hot topic is shoes! Oh yes girl I'm going to show off some awesome shoes for a steal of a price!

These peep toe pumps would definently go well with any gorgeous dress for prom since this design is pretty versitile. Although they are the extremely perfect fit for prom- it would also be a perfect fit for regular life too since they aren't over styled or over styled. You can get these shoes at Prom Girl!

But if you only want a pair of heels to wear for one night I think I have the perfect fit....but I think I'm going to have to break the $100 or less promise because these shoes are like a fairy tale! Fulfill a Cinderella-like dream in these fabulous pumps. These peep-toes can be found at heels.com and these shoes are pretty intricate when it comes to design and these peep-toe pumps will make you the queen of chic on prom night!

Olivia - Ivory Satin main view
Whatever your prom night looks like I hope you guys have a lot of fun! And if your not old enough for prom I hope you have an idea for what it should look like. If your proms already happened I hope I've brought back some warm memories!

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