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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hey Cuties! Its Seoul Fashion Week!

Ms.Gee Collection

When I saw this outfit I was pleasently suprised! While I was looking at the Ms. Gee Collection everything was plain and borderline bland. But this outfit is bold and chic. Its almost like a love story from beginning to end applied into an outfit! 

Ready to take on this spring? Oh yeah!!! Well I adored this Parkchoonmoo outfit because it has that down-to-earth vibe while still having the essence of flare, and passion. This combination also possesses that carefree and flowy finesse that I love!!!

Looking through this collection, this jacket really stood out to me! Its simple sooooo simple. But then there's that stripe that runs down by the buttons that adds such definition to not only his jacket, but it adds "swagger" to his whole outfit.

Kimseoryong Homme

Is that a Peterpan Collar.....for men? SCORE!!! This outfit skid the runways this year in Seoul and unexpectedly Kimseoryong Homme came out with these shirts for his line. Even though the Peter Pan collar was overdone in womens apparel its still suprisingly finding its roots in mens fashion. Even though the Peterpan Collar has been around for ages we only saw it make a real comeback in Fall 2013 in womens fashion, so I'm super excited to see what happens to this collar as it makes its way through mens fashion!

So far this year in Seouls Fashion week I've been pleasently suprised by a lot of designers! So since it's still fashion week in Seoul you might just want to watch some of the fashion shows with your favorite designers! So grab a notepad and a bowl of popcorn and be ready for the next suprise a designer throws at you!

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