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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

If only I had Pinterest!

I know, I must be TERRIBLE for not having Pinterest since it should be the ninth wonder of the world, right after flying pigs and rainbow farting unicorns. Truthfully, I love Pinterest but sadly I do not have an account! :(

But lucky for you! You get to stare at this gorgeous collage of pictures I have composed just for you!

Have a great hump-day my sparkly readers of lusciousness!

Why You No Trend North America?!

I am in LOVE with the British! I love their accents, chocolate (I think that should be all they eat everyday I mean...yum.), but what I love most about them is their style! I swear the only people that are allowed to reside there are the fashion saavy, you could say Kate Middleton pretty much decides who's allowed to stay and who goes. Even the homeless are FABULOUSLY dressed in their grunge-like outfits! The people of Britain are utterly unique to me. Their fashion sense is basically as unique as a flying unicorn.

Quirk. Its the one thing that British outfits have more of than our outfits in North America. And honestly I would be this first person to trade wardrobes with the British! (if ONLY!!!) But there's one thing that is trending in the U.K. that is NOT trending here!!!! Those are overalls!!! I would pretty much die for those to trend since it its SOOOO unexpectedly difficult to find a cute pair of overalls in Canada! And overalls are one of those case sensitive things I do NOT want to buy online since it actually makes me feel fat (hence, measuring my thighs).

Being fearless, individual, eclectic, and unexpected are usually things that I've noticed people in North America seem to fear that the British don't. Honestly I have, and clearly I know others have as well since I've seen one too many safe fashion choices that I do not want to see again.

What is your favorite type of cultural clothing?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

This Dress Deserves a Nobel Prize!

Honestly, its been 6 days since I've posted something. Admittedly I've been nerding it up behind my Math and Science textbooks with my extremely puffy hair (FYI the more I think the more puffy my hair gets; I call it the Einstein effect, I pretty much end up with a half-ro (half-afro))

Anyways I saw this dress and I instantly fell in love! It was like the love story of my parents except between me and a dress! It was literally love at first sight-like that Kylie Minogue song. I mean ERMAGERSH guys it is rebelliously FABULOUS!!!! The designer is from Singapore! Who knew Singaporeans were SUPER STELLAR at designing? (Wait...I knew that!)
This is the perfect outfit!!!! It was designed by Raoul and displayed at the Audi Fashion Festival I am love love LOVING the Asian influence on this outfit. I have no clue why but the type of cloth reminds me of something that would be on a Kimono! My favorite part of this outfit is those SLEEVES!!! They are FREAKING GORGEOUS!!!! They look like chiffon and chiffon is my #1 go to! 

Have a spiffing Thursday everyone 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sunny With a Chance of Spring

As you may know (unless you live under a rock!) its SPRING!!!!!! And my go to color is hands down, yellow! You may not love yellow because.....it is...the color of cheese!-which definitely goes on the list of stupid reasons some of my friends don't like yellow! Haha regardless of that though, it is also the color of the sun!!!! (Figuratively) And I don't know about you but I LOVE the sun!!! The sun is basically amazing. To me though yellow represents the color of happiness, flare, and most of all lemonade!!! My favorite finds are listed below:



Accessories and Knickknacks

Whats your all time favorite color?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Playing Polka....Dots

As you can tell by my blog layout, I'm absolutely positively obsessed with polka-dots.  I mean how can you resist? They're utterly fabulous! I was even obsessed with them as a child FLASHBACK: I was 4 years old and I was shopping for a pair of shoes when suddenly they caught my eyes, they were these gorgeous (remember this was the 90's) purple, frilly, rainbow colored shoes, I just had to beg my mom for them (it ended up more like a tantrum) until she finally managed to drag me out of the store! Haha. I'm a little better at acting calm when I see something flawlessly gorgeous (but not WAY better!- I still can't stop the hyperventilating and squealing) Anyways look below for my favorite polka-dot obsessions!





Accessories, knickknack's, and what not

What's your favorite time-less trend?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring It On!

Okay so there are pretty much a TRILLION amazing and talented designers out there! But just the other day one just happened to catch my eye. Christophe Sauvat. Who might this be? Well below are some pictures from his official website!

Whenever I look at his work I just feel the perfect essence of a Boho chicness! The intricate detailing to his designs are utterly fabulous in all the ways I think of! His designs represent passion, flare, creativity, and ultimately perfection. These articles of clothing and accessories make me wanna say "spring it on"!!!!!!

Who's your favorite designer at the moment?